Silver Lake City Council

Regular Meeting

November 14, 2002

The following publication of the minutes are not official until council approval, the official copy of the minutes may be requested from the City Administration Office at PO Box 347, 308 W. Main St. Silver Lake, MN 55381, 320 327 2412 after November 21, 2002.

Mayor Yurek opened the regular meeting of the Silver Lake City Council at 6:00 p.m.

Present: Bebo, Foss, Kieser, Miska

Absent: None


City Staff Present:  Kerry Venier, City Clerk/Treasurer; Lisa Blazinski, MLS Director; Eric Klein, Police Chief; also present:  Ken Merrill, Silver Lake Leader

Consent Agenda:

1.                    Approve Minutes from the October 17, 2002 Regular Meeting

2.                    Resolution 02-10 A resolution approving an application for a gaming license for the American Legion

A motion was made by Councilor Miska and seconded by Councilor Kieser to approve the consent agenda.

Vote For:               Unanimous.

Motion Carried

General Business:

Linda Klima addressed the Council on behalf of the American Legion Post 141 and requested that the Legion be allowed to be open until 1:00 AM on 12/31/02 & open at from 12:00 PM until 10:00 PM on 1/1/03 for New Years Celebrations,

Councilor Kieser presented Resolution 02-11 A resolution allowing the temporary extension of operating hours for the American Legion on 12/31/2002 and 1/1/2003.

A motion was made by Councilor Kieser to approve Resolution 02-11 A resolution allowing the temporary extension of operating hours for the American Legion on 12/31/2002 and 1/1/2003. Seconded by Councilor Miska.

Vote For:               Unanimous

Motion Carried

Department Business:

A.                  Special Committee:

Councilors Bebo and Foss reported on the special committee formed to review the fire hall roof bids and they reported that the proposal from Forcier-Marty’s roofing of $9,670.00 offered the best service for the cost.  They reported that construction will begin in December and if the weather doesn’t permit the construction Forcier-Marty roofing will patch the roof until the spring at no additional charge to the City.

B.                   Liquor Store & Auditorium

The MLS Director reported on a meeting with consultants for Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association and the recommendations they suggested:          

1.                    Improve inventory control measures

2.                    Improve cash control procedures

 The MLS Director also reported that she would begin working mostly days so that she can address some of the issues that are affecting the MLS profit.  She also reported on the update done to the off-sale computer.

Discussion was held regarding daily bookkeeping procedures and the City Clerk will train the full-time bartender on daily books.

Discussion of the MLS budget was held.  The Council held discussion that the MLS was budgeted to make a profit of 1.64% in 2002 and recommend that this years budget be adjusted to increase profitability for the 2003 budget.

C.                   Police

The Chief of police reported on what type of expenditures the Forfeiture fund can be used for; this fund can be used for equipment that is for the sole purpose of the police department but cannot be transferred to the General Fund. 

The chief and clerk reported the police budget for 2003 is a 9.03% over 2002 and the biggest increase was due to a 9% increase in wages, due to an increase in on-call pay and an increase in on-call time.

A motion was made by Councilor Foss to table the MLS and Police budgets until the next Regular meeting.  Seconded by Councilor Bebo.

Vote For:               unanimous

Motion Carried

The Chief’s annual review will be on the November 21 agenda.

D.                  Administration

Discussion was held regarding the budgets of the Administration & Community Development budgets and the Clerk reported a 3% and a 15% increase respectively and reported that the increase in Community development monies is due to the fact that currently the Clerk and Deputy Clerk categorize and charge the different departments and in 2003 the Clerk’s and Deputy Clerk’s hours will remain under the Admin and community development areas with the exception of their performance of department specific duties (i.e. water billings)

Discussion was held regarding the Mayor and City Council’s budget.  The only areas to increase were the training and development as this is an election year and the new Council and Mayor will attend elected officials training put on by the League of Minnesota Cities.  The Council also put $2,000.00 into the 2003 budget for improvements to the Current Council Chambers to make it look more professional.

A motion was made by Councilor Kieser to table the Admin, Council, & Mayor’s budget until the next Regular meeting.  Seconded by Councilor Foss.

Vote For:               Unanimous

Motion Carried

The Council held discussion regarding police coverage and scheduling and requested the City Clerk review timesheets and report back.

A motion was made by Councilor Miska to adjourn this Regular Meeting of the City Council.  Seconded by Councilor Foss.

Vote For:                Unanimous

Motion Carried; Meeting Adjourned


Roxanne Yurek, Mayor

SEAL:                                                                     ATTEST:_____________________________

                                                                                                Kerry Venier, City Clerk/Treasurer

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