Silver Lake City Council

Regular Meeting

September 19, 2002

The following publication of the minutes are not official until council approval, the official copy of the minutes may be requested from the City Administration Office at PO Box 347, 308 W. Main St. Silver Lake, MN 55381, 320 327 2412 after October 10, 2002.

Senior Councilor Kieser opened the regular meeting of the Silver Lake city council at 6:00 p.m.

Present: Bebo, Foss, Kieser, Miska

Absent: Mayor Yurek

 City Staff Present:  Kerry Venier, City Clerk/Treasurer; Eric Klein, Police Chief; Lisa Blazinski, Liquor Store Operations Director; Dale Kosek, Public Works Supervisor; Jeanne Long, Deputy Clerk.

Also Present: Sheldon Swenson, Waste Management; Members of the Silver Lake Pool Organization: Marcia Weilke, Tim Johnson, Noreen Rannow, Gary Rannow, George Lhotka, Darrell Kaczmarek, Rhonda Kaczmarek, Cherie Ruzicka, Betty Stifter, Shannon K; Dan Tchimpole, Colleen Tchimpole, Dorothy Hlavka, Tom Kales, Ray Bandas Jr., Dave Johnston, MN DOT; Jim Guetter, Paul Davis, Larry Lhotka, Erin Jurek

Consent Agenda:

  1. Claims to be Paid                             September $9757.60
  2.   Approve minutes from September 12, 2002 Regular Meeting.

The motion was made by Councilor Bebo and seconded by Councilor Miska to approve the consent agenda.  Unanimous.

General Business:

A.  Mr. Sheldon, Sales Manager of Waste Management addressed the Council by giving an overview of Waste Management and expressed an interest that his company be allowed to bid on the City’s residential trash removal contract.  Councilor Foss made a motion that the City give a 6 month notice to Waste Management to bid on the City’s residential service contract. 2nd by Councilor Miska.

B.   The Silver Lake Pool Organization presented its need from the City of a $250,000 match once the Pool Organization has raised $250,000 in donations.  City Clerk is to find funding options (bonding, assessment, etc. . .) .  Discussion was then held on how to get more input from City residents on the proposed pool project and the Council decided that the October 10 City Council meeting agenda will be largely dedicated to addressing public thoughts and concerns in regards to a $250,000 match to the Silver Lake Pool Organization.

C.   Sealed bids were opened for the sale of the City’s 1984 Ford Truck:        
a.      Roy’s Equipment      $1244.00
b.      Darrell Kaczmarek              $1055.00
c.       Gene Warzyniak       $ 851.00

Councilor Bebo made a motion to accept the High Bid of $1244.00 for the purchase of the City’s 1984 Ford Truck.  2nd by Councilor Miska.  Unanimous

D.  Dave Johnston of MN DOT addressed the Council regarding the drainage problems in the area of Lane Ave. & Frank St. on the west end of town.   Mr. Johnston gave a brief history of the Hwy 7 project in ’99 focusing on the decision that was made to tie into an 8” tile.  The Council raised concerns over the additional flow rate into this area of town and why MN Dot didn’t anticipate this during the development of the project. 

Mr. Johnston stated that MNDOT had spoken with the Administrator at the time and Mr. Dhein had told them that there was nothing to worry about at that area.  Discussion was then held in regards to the causes of the drainage problem and viewed a video of the flooding that occurred on 8/2/02.  The conclusion was that there is not more water coming to that area but rather the flow rate of the water has increased, largely due to the slope of Hwy 7 and the removal of a berm in that area, to a point that the City’s drainage facilities in that area are at above their capacity thus resulting in ponding of water and flooding.

The Council asked for possible solutions to the problem and what MN DOT’s role would be in the solution.  Mr. Johnston stated that there were a couple solutions; one being they might be able to tie into another tile, there is a 24”tile further up on Lane Ave, but only if that one is not already at its capacity.  The other option is to install a new line and run it to the lake.  Mr. Johnston stated that the second option would be the wisest to avoid any problems in the future.

Mr. Johnston discussed MN DOT’s role as being able to fix the situation but he has to find some funding in order to complete the project.  He stated that he will get things rolling and report back to the City, and there is the possibility that work could begin as early as this fall, however no commitments to a timeframe were made.

Department Business:

A.     Liquor and Auditorium Report

  1. Reported profit for August is approximately $4600.00
  2. Upcoming events are: Halloween Party  (Oct.), Chili Cook off (Nov), Karaoke will be held this fall, MLS will start sampling some new products to customers
  3. Interviewing candidates for bartender positions
  4. Discussion was held regarding current part-time policy; MLS Director will do a starting wage survey of area bartenders (tabled until 10/17 mtg.)
  5. Discussion was held regarding what needs to be done to make the MLS compliant with ADA codes and recommendations (Tabled until 10/17 MLS Director will report the costs to the Council)
  6.  Discussion was held regarding a check recovery program no progress as of yet
  7. Hiring of Teresa Verosta & Ryan Neubarth both are bartenders: Motion by Miska to: Hire Teresa Verosta & Ryan Neubarth as part-time bartenders at $7.68/ hour.  2nd by Bebo.  Vote: Unanimous
  8. September and October are set to be busier at both the MLS and the Auditorium.

B.     Public Works Report:

1.      Public Works Director gave a repot on the East End Storm Sewer.  After discussing with S.E.H.  It was concluded that due to the increase run off surfaces, increased roadway and roof space the water was getting to the sewers faster and the current sewer lines have trouble keeping up in heavy rains.  The Council asked Public Works department to check into what would be needed to run a sewer line north into the slew and report back at a later time.

2.      PW Director gave findings on the land for sewer deal made in ’95 between the City and the Mikolichecks.  The City has found the Road dedication and the Ordinance pertaining to the deal and after discussing the matter with the City Attorney the City Clerk reported that the City does have a responsibility to put in a sewer line to the property line.  PW Director will report back with the costs.

3.      The bids for the 1984 Ford Truck were opened and read:      Roy’s Equipment $1244.00,     Darrell Kaczmarek $1055.00,         Gene Warzyniak $851.00
Councilor Bebo made a motion to accept the highest bid for the purchase of the truck.  2nd by Councilor Miska. Unanimous.

4.      The Public Works department ran a Poly-Pig on 9/19 through the water main on East Main and reported some success.  The Poly-pig is designed to run through the main much like a slug in a gun and cleans the inside of pipe of any debris.

5.      A review of the FEMA results was done and the City is eligible for $14,273.89 in federal aid for disaster relief.

6.      Councilor Foss brought up snow plowing concerns on the east end of town and that some residents had concerns regarding the plowing of snow done by the County in the area.  Discussion was held on possible solutions and Councilor Foss will follow-up with the Council regarding this issue.

7.      PW Director informed the Council of the work that Gary is doing on the MLS roof.

8.      Hydrants will be flushed in Mid October

C.     City Clerk/Treasurer Report

  1. Discussion held regarding building permits throughout the City.
  2. Clerk reviewed the new website and City’s email addresses.

D.    Police Report:

  1. Chief presented ICR’s (181 for the month)
  2. Discussion was held regarding the Chief’s ability to issue gun permits
  3. City ordinance violation warning letter will be sent out for resident who violate the City’s blight ordinance (Ordinance Code Ch. 10, sec.6, subd. 1). 
  4. Animal Control ordinance was discussed and Chief will review the matter more with the City Attorney regarding the City’s liability under this ordinance.
  5. Discussion was held regarding the PD budget for 2003

A motion was made by Councilor Foss to approve Level 2 Dental insurance provided by Aflac to all eligible City employees and the City will pay 90% of the premium.  2nd by Councilor Bebo.  Unanimous

Councilor Miska made a motion to table the remainder of the PD budget.  2nd by Councilor Bebo. Unanimous.

The motion was made by Councilor Bebo and seconded by Councilor Miska to adjourn until the regular meeting to be held October 10, 2002Unanimous.


    Roxanne Yurek/Mayor


            Kerry Venier/City Clerk-Treasurer                                             



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