Silver Lake City Council

Regular Meeting

March 27th, 2003

Mayor Bebo opened the regular meeting of the Silver Lake City Council at 6:05 p.m.

Present:                 Councilor Miska, Foss, and Kieser

Councilor Fogarty arrived at 6:30 pm.

Also present:                 Kerry Venier, City Clerk/Treasurer; Officer Hummel, Ken Merrill, Silver Lake Leader;   David Broll, Karla Marschel, Joan Paulson, Christy Maesse, Glen Maesse, and Travis Maesse.

Consent Agenda:

•  Approve minutes from the February 6 th , 2003 Regular meeting

•  Approve minutes from the February 20 th , 2003 Regular meeting

•  Approve minutes from the March 6 th , 2003 Regular meeting

•  Payroll                   (#5 & 6, 1 st quarter, and Feb.)                                 $30,093.29

A motion was made by Councilor Miska to approve the consent agenda.   Seconded by Councilor Foss.

Vote for:                 Unanimous.

Motion carried.

Public Discussion:

Department Business:

Councilor Foss gave the following MLS report: New manager is in place and doing very well.   He is catching on to the computer system quite well, as well as getting to know the customers and the employees. The month financially does not look as good as we had hoped but we are still at over $6,200 profit for the two completed months.

The new MLS Manager addressed the Council regarding the possibility of putting a fryer in at the MLS, he will gather more information to report back.   MLS manager also reported that he is in the process of putting together a dinner night at the Auditorium.   The event would include a dinner, drinks, and a Neil Diamond impersonator.   Discussion was also held about the possibility of using the pool organization to do the serving and giving them a portion of the profits.  

MLS Manager will give more information as it is planned.

Councilor Kieser gave the following Public Safety report: Chief will be attending a Chief’s Conference 4/14 – 4/17 in St Cloud.   The cost of this is $1,048.00.

A self-defense class was put on by Chief Klein for the Women’s Group.  The class was well received and the SLPD received a $25.00 donation for the class. There will be a night shoot 3/18/3/20. 

Time spent at the school with the students was less than 2 hours per month.

Reviewed anticipated expenditures of the PD.

A calendar of meetings for reserve officers will be received by April 15 Reviewed up coming training and informed the council that both full time officers had completed the 1 st Responder Training that was offered in March. Reviewed Vacation and Comp time of the department Reviewed Fire and Ambulance Calls for Feb.

Discussion was held as to whether or not the townships had been followed up with regarding their donations for 2002.

Discussion was also held as to whether or not we were micro-managing the police department no action was taken.

The Council reviewed the roles and responsibilities of the Liaisons.

Councilor Miska gave the following Public Works report: Tri-State pumps were out to service the South Lift Station.   They did just enough to get it running.   New pumps should be included in the Silver Edge project. Tri-State will be replacing a worn seal on the north pump at the west station once we have better conditions to pull the pump out for a few days.

Street sweeping is in progress

Hydrant flushing will be done once streets are all swept.  

We will put an announcement in the Leader.

A pool inspection will be done soon and Councilor Miska will include in a later report.

Discussion regarding the condition of the pool and the possibility of opening it this summer resulted in no action being taken.

Councilor Fogarty gave the following Community Development report:

Mr. Broll is petitioning for the annexation of 13 acres

An open house for the Prairie Grass Development is set for April 1st from 1-3 and 5-7pm

The pool organization is reporting that they have reached approximately $200,000 in pledges and donations.

Reviewed Pola-Czesky days August 1st -3rd and asked if the City was planning to pay the costs for police, maintenance, etc as they had done in the past?   (No action was taken.)

Thanked fellow Councilors for attending the St. Patrick’s Day parade

Reported on the new owners of what was formerly Dave’s Amoco.   Reported that it will now be called Kaz’s Amoco. Reported that the Community Ed SPARKS program is set to be held on Monday’s and Friday’s and field trips will be on Wednesdays.

Northland Securities or City Attorney could help to set up an EDA to look into local development issues.

Discussed the possible development of a Business Advisory Forum to solicit input of the needs of the local business community from the City.

Reported that the GSL Community Schools Committee held a meeting on 3/1 and the meetings will be held the third Thursday of the month at 1 pm. And he will keep the Council up dated on the proceedings.   Last meeting they discussed the top 3 resources/assets the City provides for it’s youth.

Mrs. Karla Marschel approached the Council and expressed concerns over the City not offering a summer recreation program and Community Ed offering summer recreation opportunities to the City’s youth.  

Mrs. Marschel informed the Council that she was a former Councilor and had initiated the City’s summer recreation program and felt that it was misreported that the City funded the summer recreation program rather it was funded from donations from local organizations.  The Clerk informed Mrs. Marschel that the program had no organization in 2002 and ran a deficit of nearly $3,000.00 and the City had received no donations to fund a program in 2003.  The Clerk suggested that if the City were going to offer a summer recreation program that the program should be run in collaboration with the Community Ed offerings and someone needs to be assigned the responsibility of the program direction.  

The Council discussed the possibility of the organizations still funding some sort of summer recreation program.  

A motion was made by Councilor Kieser to appoint Councilors Foss and Fogarty to a Summer Recreation Committee.   Seconded by Council Miska.

Vote for:                 Unanimous

Motion carried.

The council asked that the Summer Recreation committee meet with area organizations to discuss the possibility of summer recreation program for 2003 and to report back at the April meeting.

Mr. David Broll addressed the Council and presented a Petition for Annexation for approx. 13 acres of land on the east end to be developed as Phase II of the Silver Edge Estates project.   Mr. Broll also presented a Petition and Waiver which was designed to waive his right to some of the formal procedures in the request for Municipal Improvements.   The Clerk reviewed correspondence received from the City Attorney, which described the annexation and request for improvements process and encouraged the Council to act on this matter with utmost urgency to avoid any debt restriction that the State may impose on Cities.   In regards to the Petition and Waiver the Clerk is to review it with the City Attorney and report back to the Council.

A motion was made by Councilor Foss to annex into city limits the land described under exhibit “A” of the Petition for Annexation presented by Mr. David Broll, President of First Class Builders Inc.   Seconded by Councilor Miska.

Vote for:                 Unanimous

Motion carried.

Mayor Bebo gave the following Administration report:

All is going smoothly in the City offices,

Suggested that all departments report at the April meetings with proposed department budgets that identify cuts of 10% in expenses.  

MLS and Public Works are to present cuts at the 4/3/03 meeting.

Recommended that the Deputy Clerk’s hours be cut to 32 hours per week due to the fact that the new MLS manager is in place and the reason the Deputy Clerk hours were increased to 40 was the elimination of the MLS manager position.  

This cut will result in a $5,576 cut in the General Fund budget.

Discussed the possibility taking a more active role in showing support of local business and would like to welcome the new business owners of Kaz’s Amoco (formerly Dave’s Amoco) in an informal ceremony on 3/29.

A motion was made by Councilor Miska to reduce the hours of the Deputy Clerk to 32 per week. Seconded by Councilor Kieser.

Vote for:                 Unanimous.

Motion carried.

City Clerk/ Treasurer gave the following report:

Reviewed the Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance renewals and reported that the premiums had not increased over 2002’s premiums and reminded the Council that the Liquor Liability had nearly doubled.

A motion was made by Councilor Miska to approve the current levels of Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance and pay the premiums as presented.   Seconded by Councilor Foss.

Vote for:                 Unanimous.

Motion carried.

Reported that the MCFOA conference was very informative and had the opportunity to attend the Senate budget hearings and encouraged the Council to discuss the impacts of the State cuts with Sen. Dille and Rep. Kielkucki.

Reported that the DNR Grant application was completed and will be sent out on 3/31/03 and the City’s match would be to operate the pool for a 5-year period.  The pool organization has been successful in its fund raising activities and the City should encourage the pool organization to continue its efforts even if the City is awarded the Grant from the DNR.

Reported on Community Ed’s plans to offer summer programming in Silver Lake.  The Summer Recreation program that the City has offered in the past was funded largely by the Lions, Legion, and Fire Department Relief Assoc.; currently there is a fund balance of ($2,961.27) and letters requesting donations to balance this deficit have been sent to the organizations.  Clerk also reported that despite the past history in this the City must realize that it is a part of the GSL district and the people of this community are entitled to all programs that are offered throughout the district and the City should embrace the opportunity for a well organized and programmed summer program for our youth.  

In regards to swimming lessons in the event that the pool is closed for the summer Mr. Umhoeffer informed the Clerk that there is a possibility of opening in June/July however a plan for transportation would need to be looked at.

Clerk is to get advice on investment opportunities for the $100, 000 CD that had matured in January and report back.

An appliance recycling program is tentatively planned for 5/17 and the Clerk will work with the Solid Waste Coordinator to work out the details.

New Business:

Discussion was held regarding the addition of ATV’s to the ordinance regulating the operation of snowmobiles with the City.   Clerk is to add wording addressing this issue and present at a later Council meeting for approval.

Discussion was held regarding the need to increase water/sewer rates as recommended by the Auditor for the last two years.  The Public Works Supervisor and City Clerk are to present their recommendation at the next Council Meeting. Discussion on conditional use permits and the progress of those projects was held with no action be taken at this time.

A motion was made by Councilor Miska to adjourn this Regular Meeting of the Silver Lake City Council.   Seconded by Councilor Foss. Vote for:                 Unanimous Motion carried; Meeting Adjourned 9:15pm.


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