Silver Lake City Council

Regular Meeting

March 6, 2003

The following publication of the minutes are not official until council approval, the official copy of the minutes may be requested from the City Administration Office at PO Box 347, 308 W. Main St. Silver Lake, MN 55381, 320 327 2412 after March 27, 2003.

Mayor Bebo opened the regular meeting of the City Council of Silver Lake at 6:00 pm.

Present: †Councilors Miska, Foss, Fogarty, and Kieser

Also present: †Kerry Venier, City Clerk/Treasurer; Dale Kosek, Public Works Supervisor; Ed Homan, McLeod County Solid Waste Director; George Lhotka, Al & Pearl Brandon, Gary Rannow, Deb Blazinski, Rhonda Kaczmarek, Christine Kaczmarek, Marcia Weilke, Ray Bandas, and Tim Johnson

Consent Agenda:

1. † Claims to be paid (February) †††††††††† $ 78,885.64

A motion was made by Councilor Miska to approve the consent agenda. † Seconded by Councilor Foss.

Vote for: ††††††††††† Unanimous

Motion carried.

Mayor Bebo opened the Public Hearing at 6:05 pm. †

The public hearing was held to receive input regarding the Cityís application for funding for a swimming recreation area through the DNR Outdoor Recreation Program.

Members of the Silver Lake Pools and Parks Organization were in attendance and gave the Council an update on their activities. † It was reported that the Pool and Parks Organization has raised approximately $200,000.00 in pledges and donations for the construction of the swimming recreation area.

Discussion was held regarding the possibility of opening the City pool for this summer and it was reported that the heaters are in poor condition but we wonít know more until the spring and we have an opportunity to inspect the walls of the pool. † The possibility of repairing it to get it through the season was discussed but no action was taken due to the fact that the pool needs to be inspected for damage. †

The Pool organization discussed itís plans to raffle off a new Chevrolet 4x4 at the Pola-Czesky days celebration and the tickets are $100.00 and can be bought from any Pool organization member. †

The Pool organization also informed the Council that itís intent is to remain in effect and raise money for the operations of the Pool and to set aside monies for the replacement of the swimming pool.

Discussion was held regarding the pledge process and the availability of the pledge forms. † The Pool organization informed the Council that pledge forms are available at a number of City businesses and City Hall.

Councilor Miska and Mayor Bebo informed the Pool Organization that they would be donating $1000 and $1,500 respectively to the organization.

One citizen remarked that everyone should support the Pool and what would the children do without a pool.

Discussion was held regarding the effects of not raising the full $952,000; and it was reported that not all the bells and whistles are needed to build a pool. † Many of the smaller amenities can be added at a later time as the money gets raised.

Being there was no more conversation on the matter the Public hearing was closed by Mayor Bebo at approximately 6:45.

Old Business:

•  Mr. Ed Homan addressed the Council on facts about the Countyís proposed Materials Recovery Facility. † Mr. Homan reported that in 2002 the City was awarded $11,559.00 on SCORE fund and the City was budgeted $12,000.00. † He also reported that the compost pile would be removed in the spring as it is to frozen to do anything with at this time. Discussion was held regarding the compost pile and possibly moving it to an area near the wastewater ponds. † Mr. Homan reported that the City Clerk should submit the costs associated with that project and such costs would be considered an addendum to itís SCORE budget for 2003 which is currently set at $14,400. Mr. Homan presented a resolution for consideration by the Council supporting the Countyís Materials Recovery Facility and reviewed a Fact sheet that he had prepared reviewing some of the facts about the MRF project.

A motion was made by Councilor Foss to adopt Resolution 03-05: A resolution supporting County Materials Recovery Facility pursuant to McLeod County Solid Waste Plan. † Seconded by Councilor Miska.

Vote for: ††††† Unanimous

Motion carried, Resolution 03-05 adopted.

Mr. Homan also reported that the County currently has the funds available for the MRF project and reported that the costs would run $2.19 million and not the reported $2.66 million that was erroneously being reported. † He reported profits of $19,000 and $33,000 in 2000 and 2002 respectively. † And when asked about what would be done with the profits Mr. Homan reported that there is always the possibility that some of the profits would go back into the community. Mr. Homan reported to the Council that SCORE funds are funds that are given to the County and the County chooses to give this money to the communities and this is not money that has to go to the Municipalities, the County has chosen to do this in an effort to help the communities. Mr. Homan the reviewed plans of the proposed MRF facility and thanked the Council for the Cityís support.

•  Summer Recreation Program:

The Clerk informed the Council that the Community Ed Director has been in touch with him regarding providing youth programming activities for this summer. † There will be a SPARK (summer playground activities reaching kids) program offered in Silver Lake on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with Wednesdays being a field trip day for the children to go on field trips that are offered through the Community Ed. PAC program. Discussion was held regarding the options that local organizations that have sponsored the Summer Recreation program in past years had if they wanted to put something on. † The Clerk reported that they can get involved and sponsor programs still but they should be encouraged by the City to work in conjunction with the Community Ed so programs are not duplicated. †

The Clerk reported that Community Ed. would be able to provide swim lessons in the event that the Cityís pool is inoperable this year. † Transportation would need to be set up for the children which could be done through the district but there would likely be costs involved. † This issue was put aside until such time as a decision on the future of the Cityís pool is decided.

A motion was made by Councilor Miska to move the 3/20/03 regular meeting to 3/27/03. † Seconded by Councilor Foss. †

Vote for: ††††† Unanimous

Motion carried.

•  Departmental goals were reviewed by the Council liaisons.

•  Discussion was held regarding the progress on the Silver

Edge project and the Clerk informed the Council that the City is waiting for Mr. Broll to petition for Annexation.

New Business:

Discussion was held regarding that there are currently two openings on the Planning Commission and the Council accepted the resignation of Mr. Richard Stevens from the Planning Commission.

Councilor Fogarty informed the Council that they were invited to participate in the St. Patrickís Day Parade.

A motion was made by Councilor Fogarty to adjourn this regular meeting of the City Council. † Seconded by Councilor Miska.

Vote for: †††† Unanimous

Motion carried; meeting adjourned.


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