Silver Lake City Council

Regular Meeting

June 19, 2006

Mayor Bebo called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Members present:  Councilors Pat Fogarty, Tim Foss, Nolan Johnson, and Karl Wawrzyniak

Others present:  Kerry Venier, Clerk; Jerry Quast, MLS Manager; Bill Hummel, Police Chief; Gary Kosek, Rec Dir.; Paul Harvego, Auditor; Ryan Gueningsman; Ken Merrill, Silver Lake Leader; Will Albright; Michelle Albright

A motion was made by Councilor Foss seconded by Councilor Wawrzyniak to approve the agenda.
Vote for:  Unanimous
Motion carried.

Consent Agenda

  1. Approve minutes from the June 5, 2006 regular meeting.
  2. Approve minutes from the June 14, 2006 special meeting.
  3. Claims to be paid                  $16,019.98 (pp#12)
                                                          $14,190.75 (6/19/06)
  4. Payroll #12 & May

A motion was made by Councilor Wawrzyniak seconded by Councilor Johnson to approve the Consent Agenda.
Vote for:  Unanimous
Motion carried.

New Business:

  1. Mr. Paul Harvego of Conway, Dueth, & Shmesing reported on the 2005 audit of City funds noting the following:
    1. The assets of the City exceeded liabilities by $2,746,809.  Of this amount $289,490 may be used to meet the government’s ongoing obligations to citizens & creditors in accordance with the City’s fund designations and fiscal policies.
    2. The City’s total net assets increased by $20,424.
    3. The City’s governmental funds reported combined ending fund balances of $757,793.  Of this total amount, approximately 29% is available for spending at the City’s discretion.
    4. At the end of the current fiscal year, unreserved fund balance for the general fund was $14,770 or 3% of total general fund expenditures of $487,313.
    5. Mr. Harvego also commented on Council members being reimbursed for internet usage noting that it is an allowable expense but the use of the service is not being documented very well and justification of the expense should be considered if the Council is going to continue this practice.  Clerk Venier suggested that each member keep a journal of activities to justify the expense.

Department Business:

  1. Liquor Store:  MLS Manager Quast reported that the Liquor store had a good month of May.  Revenues were up $7,511 over May of 2005while expenses saw an increase of $5,968 resulting in a month end profit of $4,382.  Quast also reported that he is confident that the MLS will hit the budgeted revenues of $623,000 for the year.
  2. Public Safety:  The Council conducted the 6-month review for PD Chief Hummel with the following results: (A=Exceeds Expectation; B=Meets Expectations; C=Needs Improvement; D=Insufficient Opportunity to observe)
    1. Councilor Fogarty: Gave Hummel an overall rating of C+ noting that Hummel needs to work on communication with others and recommended that he attend CLEO & Command training.
    2. Councilor Wawrzyniak: Gave Hummel an overall rating of C noting that communication between Hummel and others was poor and needed improvement and Hummel should do what he is asked to do.  Also suggested taking a course to help improve his communication skills.
    3. Councilor Johnson: Gave Hummel an overall rating of B noting that Hummel asking the Liaison to step down is not the way to resolve conflict and calling a meeting to make sure the (Council) is clear on what (They) need to provide Hummel with shows lacking communication skills & initiative.
    4. Councilor Foss: Gave Hummel an overall rating of B- noting that Chief Hummel shouldn’t be afraid to seek assistance form others.  Foss also encouraged Hummel to work to get rid of the tensions he seems to have towards the Council.
    5. Mayor Bebo:  Gave Hummel an overall rating of C+ noting that most areas need some focus in the upcoming 6 months since Hummel is new to the position.  Mayor Bebo stressed that Hummel needs to focus on learning to be a Chief and to not be afraid of making a mistake.

      Discussion was held regarding if Chief Hummel would be moving closer to Silver Lake to satisfy the response time requirement for City Police & Public Safety employees.  Hummel reported that he does intend to move but has not had the time to ready his home for sale.

      A motion was made by Councilor Foss seconded by Councilor Johnson to approve the review for Chief Hummel with a step increase.
      Vote for:  Mayor Bebo, Councilors Foss, Fogarty, & Johnson
      Against: Councilor Wawrzyniak
      Motion carried.
  3. Public Works:  Councilor Johnson reported the following Public Works activities:
    1. Letters sent by Clerk to storage shed- East end.
    2. Letter sent about tree hanging over sidewalk- St. Adalbert church area.  Also broken tree limbs behind Variety Plus.
    3. Repaired storm sewer leads to basins on Nome Ave.  Leads to catch basins were cracked starting to collapse; discovered by small washout in street.  New leads installed to each CB to main.
    4. June-Dale's 3-year step (3%)raise.  Kerry has something setup for July mtg. This is the step raise every three years after no more yearly steps after 8 years of service.
    5. July-Gary's 3-year step raise (3%).  Dale will have review prepared for July mtg.
  4. Community Development & Administration:  Councilor Foss & Clerk Venier reported the following:
    1. Planning Commission is still working on a comprehensive park plan.
    2. Reported that building permit activity is very slow compared to previous years.
    3. Reviewed and recommended a Right of Way agreement with MN Pipeline.
      A motion was made by Councilor Wawrzyniak seconded by Councilor Johnson to approve Resolution 06-18: A resolution approving a Right of Way Agreement between the City and MN Pipeline Co.
      Vote for:  Unanimous
      Motion carried.
    4. Rec. Director Gary Kosek updated the Council on Summer Rec & Pool activities so far this summer.  Reporting that there were over 40 children signed up for the Summer Rec program; pool opening went very well with over 300 visitors in the first two days and concession activity was doing very well.

Open Discussion:

  1. Councilor Fogarty reported that he had met with Mayor Bebo and Chief Hummel and many issues were discussed and they agreed to work on improving communications between the Chief of Police and the Public Safety Liaison.
  2. A motion was made by Councilor Johnson seconded by Councilor Fogarty to change the July 3rd regular meeting to July 5th at 6:30 pm.
    Vote for:  Unanimous
    Motion carried.
  3. Discussion was held regarding people not stopping at the stop signs near the swimming pool and Clerk Venier recommended turning the matter over to the PD and Public Works for a recommended solution.

A motion was made by Councilor Foss seconded by Councilor Fogarty to adjourn this regular meeting of the Silver Lake City Council.
Vote for: Unanimous
Motion carried; meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.


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