Silver Lake fire department pumper 931 is the department's first out engine on all calls except for grass fires. Engine 931 hauls 1000 gallons of water and can pump 1000 gallons per minute. 931 was custom built by General.
Pumper 933 responds to residential. She has a tank capacity of 500 gallons and can pump 1500 gallons per minute.
Tanker 932 hauls 2000 gallons of water and is our first-out tanker on all rural fire calls.
935, our newest rescue truck, is built by Pierce and was delivered in July of 2002. Equipped with a Hurst Tool (Jaws of Life) and spare air tanks, 935 responds to all calls.
938 "Gamma Goat", Purchased from the DNR, this unit is very unique for its ability to go anywhere with its full wheel drive articulated body. It carries 450 gallons of water and a small pump unit that is used primarily for getting into the swamps and un-developed areas. This unit is fully equipped with emergency lights, comunications and carries two fire fighters.




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