Silver Lake Police Department utilizes a recruiting process under the direction of the Silver Lake Police Chief.

The recruiting process is open to all applicants who are licensed, eligible to be licensed, or are within three months of being eligible to take the P.O.S.T. examination.

Applicants are required to complete a written examination. The examination may be completed upon making an appointment with the police chief.

Upon successful completion of the written examination, the applicant will be required to undergo an oral examination before the police chief and city council.

Upon successful completion of the oral examination, the applicant will be ranked and placed upon Civil Service eligibility register. When an opening exists, the chief will select from the first three names appearing on the eligibility register and extend a conditional offer of employment.

Once a conditional offer of employment has been extended, the applicant will be required to meet with a background investigator. Extensive information will be sought from the applicant as well as signed releases to obtain additional or supporting information. Additionally, a psychological examination, a complete medical examination and drug screen will be performed. Upon successful completion of the aforementioned examinations, the applicant will be required to successfully complete a physical fitness examination.

Upon satisfaction of all conditions, an applicant will be employed. The applicant will begin employment at the agreed pay rate. The City of Silver Lake will provide all uniforms and most equipment. The applicant will be assigned to the patrol with an FTO for the required 400-hour field-training program. Upon successful completion of field training, the employee will be assigned shifts as assigned by the chief or senior officer.


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