Public Guidelines for Suspicious Mail/Parcels

Biological attacks using the mail, usually Anthrax related, have recently been perpetrated in several areas of the United States. In light of the recent foreign and domestic terrorism issues, Silver Lake Police Department has put into place the following guidelines and recommendations regarding the receipt of unknown or suspicious packages.

All parcels should be examined before being opened to determine if:

  1. The parcel has a return address
  2. The parcel is from a person/company with which the person/department does business.
  3. The parcel has postage applied by a postage machine
  4. The parcel has a local cancellation stamp

If a parcel is thought to be suspicious, DO NOT bring the item to the Police Department. You may request assistance by calling Silver Lake Police Department, however, Officers will not become the primary person who will open mail or parcels. The Officer will assist and advise the person opening the item on proper opening procedure. No mail will be taken into the possession of Silver Lake Police Department unless there is a known threat that the parcel contains a suspicious substance.

Please contact Silver Lake Police Department at 320-327-2412 with any questions.



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