Since 1970, the Silver Lake Ambulance has provided the City of Silver Lake, Hale Township and portions of Rich Valley Township with Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance service, responding to approximately 100 calls per year.  Approximately 15-20  MN certified EMT’s staff the ambulance service, providing 24/7 coverage.

The ambulance is a 1995 MedTec on a FORD chassis.  Along with the state-required BLS equipment, the service has variances which allow it to carry & administer several potential life-saving medications.

The ambulance is funded by the City of Silver Lake, Hale Township, and Rich Valley Township.  In addition, the ambulance staff conducts an annual fundraiser for additional funding for equipment acquisition.

The ambulance service meets every 2nd Thursday of the month in the Silver Lake Auditorium.  Anyone interested in joining the service can contact the Silver Lake City Hall at 320-327-2412.



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